About Us

Aranžman Plitvička jezera 1. Dan


Our philosophy is simple – everyone has their unique nature. Through our personalized tours and travels, we will help you better understand yourself and discover your true passion.

Located in the heart of Lika, we know every hidden gem and enchanting landscape of this region. Our offer includes the spectacular Velebit mountains, the magical Plitvice Lakes, the historic Smiljan, the underground wonders of Lika, and much more.

Aranžman Plitvička jezera 1. Dan


Respecting nature and culture is crucial for us. Our responsibility is to preserve these beauties for future generations. Our journeys are designed to minimize environmental impact.

Your experience is our priority. Our expert team takes care of every detail of your journey so you can feel at home, comfortable, and happy.

Aranžman 1. Dan Velebit


Our journeys offer an opportunity to escape from everyday stress and reconnect with nature and yourself.

“Discover your nature” is our mission. Let every journey with us be an opportunity for deeper self-understanding and understanding of the world around you.

Contact us today and embark on a journey that will open the doors to your true nature. With Rix Travel, nature is your stage!