Planning and conducting a trip according to your nature

For those who want to meet Lika in their own way. We will adapt your stay in nature to your nature and allow you to get to know those parts of Lika that will meet your travel and stay conditions in Lika. This service differs from making an itinerary in that we book and take care of all the services you use while staying in Lika. This, like most of our other services, is limited to the Lika area, you will only have to take care of your will to visit this beautiful area and how to get to one of the airports in Croatia, everything else is planned and performed by us in cooperation with to our partners according to your nature.
Contact us, let us know what you like most about traveling, and how much you want to stay in the Lika area. The price of this service will depend on many parameters, so it will be determined after agreement on the route.


When the weekend starts on Thursday

Three nights and four unforgettable days in Lika. Plitvice Lakes, Smiljan, Velebit, Grabovača and a handful of interesting outdoor activities. If you are planning to spend an extended weekend in Lika, we have several offers ready for you. Contact us to determine which package best suits your nature.


Walking tours of Lika National Parks

For those who want to get to know Lika up close, we offer walking tours. Plitvice Lakes National Park and Northern Velebit National Park are the pearls of Lika, and not a must-see destination for many nature lovers. With our partners, we offer you the best walking tours that will allow you to get to know all the beauties that these pearls of nature have to offer up close. Contact us and you will receive offers that will make you want to meet Lika outside the national parks.


When the heart demands a beat more

In cooperation with our partners we offer adrenaline experiences. Paragliding, mountain biking, the longest zip line in Europe, hiking, speleology and more. The heartbeat will tell you if we made you happy. Contact us with an inquiry about the extremely good content that Lika has to offer, we will make you an offer that will make your heart beat faster.


225 kn per itinerary

Lika is a part of our nature, and every part of Lika is woven into what we do and love. Well-planned stay in Lika requires careful planning and a high level of knowledge of this in many ways unique area. Let us pass on a part of that love to you and show you what Lika has to offer. We are convinced that everyone here can find something for themselves.
Contact us, we will plan for you the details of activities in Lika during your stay.
Overnight, transport, activities, destinations, expert guidance, food, drinks and attractions. In cooperation with our partners we cover all services in this area. Use our knowledge for your own enjoyment, contact us and relax.


If you need more information

If you need good advice. If you want to meet Lika, let us pass on to you the knowledge we gathered by growing up and working in this beautiful part of Croatia. We offer tips on visiting Like individuals completely free. For companies that need consulting, we are open to any possibility of cooperation.